Our goal is to bring you, the hunter, within bow or gun range of a fine buck. The rest is up to you. We don’t want just any hunters – we want the best hunters. So we insist upon a “shoot to kill” policy, to discourage those hasty decisions that invariably increase the incidence of wounded deer. Simply put, you will be deemed to have had your opportunity when you release the arrow or pull the trigger. It is a code that appeals to mature, confident hunters.


We lease over 2000 acres of private cropland, mixed forest and swamps. Using topographical maps, satellite imagery and our own observations and experience, we are able to put you where the deer will be.

We have dozens of fixed stands and portable stands throughout our hunting area, so we can provide you with great hunting opportunities regardless of the wind conditions. By having a large number of hunting sites dispersed over a wide area, hunting pressure on the deer population is kept to a minimum.

For those hunters who wish to strike out on their own, we also have a limited number of climbing stands that we may make available. Hunters will first have to satisfy us that they can handle the extra weight and master the use of these stands.

We also have a number of sites that are ideal for ground blind setups. We realize that sitting twenty feet in the air isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


We will provide you with transportation to and from Ottawa (preferred) or Montreal Airports. We will also transport you to the proximity of your daily hunting sites via truck, ATV or snowmobile as the case may be.

To limit hunting pressure and site contamination we will not drop hunters off at “the base of the tree”…we will guide you in on foot. You should be able to withstand a half-hour hike over some rough terrain to get to some of the more remote sites.


You are guests in the true sense of the word. You’ll enjoy good home-cooked meals and relaxed surroundings with laundry facilities, clean sheets and comfortable beds in country homes that are just minutes from your treestands. We want you to come back, and to spread the word that the hunting experience with Upper Canada Outfitters is the next best thing to being at home.

Hunters FAQs

What about licencing?

Obtaining the proper hunting licence is your responsibility.

Non-residents must possess a valid Non-resident’s Licence to hunt deer which can be obtained by presenting one of the following documents:

  • An Ontario non-resident’s hunting licence issued to you after January 1, 1968
  • A hunting licence issued to you by a competent authority in any jurisdiction as a resident of that jurisdiction after January 1, 1968
  • An Ontario Hunter Education Examination Report or Certificate issued to you after January 1,1968
  • An Ontario Hunting License Verification Certificate showing that you were issued an Ontario License to hunt, or passed the Hunting Licence Examination
  • A certificate, issued to you after January 1, 1968, by a competent authority in any jurisdiction, giving you permission to purchase a resident’s hunting licence in that Jurisdiction.
    Note: A non-resident who wishes to hunt in Ontario must be 16 years of age of older.

Before you obtain your non-resident licence to hunt deer, you will first need to obtain an Ontario Outdoors Card. This card is valid for three years.

As a service to our hunters, we will obtain a temporary Outdoors Card and a non-resident licence to hunt deer on your behalf. Just mail us your hunting licence (an expired licence will do) from your home State or Province. The licence issuer will keep a photocopy and we will mail the original document back to you along with your Temporary Outdoors card and non-resident licence to hunt deer.

The current fee for an Outdoors Card is $9.00 CDN and the non-resident licence to hunt deer is $193.00 CDN. Include a money order for $202.00 CDN payable to Upper Canada Outfitters to cover these costs.

Ontario residents must possess a Resident’s Licence to hunt deer along with a valid outdoors card.

For more information on licencing visit:

For further information on the hunting and fishing regulations in Ontario, visit:

What kind of Firearms can we use?

Deer may only be hunted with a firearm – and in Ontario bows and crossbows are considered firearms when used for hunting purposes. In Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 65 the use of rifles (muzzle-loading rifles excepted) for hunting deer is prohibited. Gun season is restricted to the use of shotguns, bows, crossbows or muzzle-loading rifles. All hunters must wear hunter orange during shotgun and muzzle-loader seasons. Bows and crossbows may be used during the archery season, shotgun season and during the season for muzzle-loading rifles.

The following cannot be used for hunting deer in WMU 65:

  • A shotgun smaller than 20 gauge when loaded with shot
  • A shotgun loaded with shot smaller than SG or No.1 buck.
  • Rifles, other than muzzle-loading rifles

How do we Import our hunting firearms?

The importation of firearms into Canada is controlled by the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA).

You can declare your firearms at your entry point by presenting the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (form CAFC 909 and the continuation form CAFC 910).

Please fill out the declaration form by hand ahead of time to speed things up at the point of entry. However, wait until you arrive at the point of entry to sign the form because a customs officer must witness your signature.

If you are bringing more than three firearms, attach a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet (form CAFC 910).

Once the customs officer has confirmed your declaration, it will have the same effect as a licence for you to legally possess the firearms in Canada. It is valid for 60 days. You can renew your declaration at no additional fee, before the 60 day period expires, by contacting the Chief Firearms Officer of the province or territory where you are staying. To renew it, call 1 800 731-4000.

A confirmed declaration costs a flat fee of $25, regardless of the number of firearms listed on it. It is only valid for the person who signs it and for those firearms listed on the declaration. If you come with others who will be using firearms in Canada, you will each need to meet these requirements.

Can I Borrow Firearms in Canada?

To borrow a hunting firearm in Canada you will need one of the following:

  • a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL), or
  • a valid Temporary Firearms Borrowing Licence (for Non-residents) (form 715).

Please note. The confirmed Non-Resident Firearms Declaration that you presented at the point of entry does not currently permit you to borrow firearms in Canada.

Buying or Importing Ammunition

A confirmed Non-Resident Firearm Declaration or a Temporary Borrowing Licence (for Non-Residents) will allow you to buy ammunition in Canada. As well, you may bring limited amounts into Canada with you.

For more complete information about bringing firearms and ammunition into Canada, and to download the relevant forms, please visit: or 1-800-731-4000

For further information on the hunting and fishing regulations in Ontario, visit:

How do I Export game?

Residents and non-residents must have an Ontario export permit to export deer or any part of a deer from Ontario. You may obtain an export permit from most Service Ontario offices in the area where the animal has been taken. Obtain the export permit before reaching your border-crossing point to avoid complications and delay.

You must keep the game seal attached to the animal while you are transporting it.

An Export Permit is required to export any part of the animal: carcass, hide or antlers.

Non-resident’s Export Permits …………. $35.00

For more information about U.S.A. importing provisions, visit the USDA web site at

For Further information and a copy of the Ontario Fishing regulations book visit The Ministry of Natural Resources web site:

What should I bring?

  • Firearms, Bows, ammunition
  • Your hunting clothing, including waterproof footwear
  • Soft cases or gun socks for guns/bows
  • Lift cords
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Personal gear (shaving kit, etc)
  • Hunting licence/firearms import documents/